Guide to Uprooting Plant Sims in The Sims 4

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Guide to Uprooting Plant Sims in The Sims 4

The Sims 4, a life simulation game by Electronic Arts, presents a world where players can live out endless possibilities with their Sims—virtual people with distinct personalities, aspirations, and challenges. Among the many supernatural states a Sim can experience, becoming a PlantSim offers a unique and entertaining gameplay twist. This guide is tailored to help players understand the nuances of transforming into a PlantSim, and more importantly, how to return to regular Sim life afterward.

Understanding PlantSims in The Sims 4

PlantSims are a supernatural state introduced with the Cool Kitchen Stuff pack, further expanded in later updates. These green-skinned Sims possess unique abilities and requirements, such as the need for sunlight and water instead of traditional human needs. They can photosynthesize to fill their hunger and have a special interaction with plants, but they also face the challenge of maintaining their moisture levels to avoid desiccation.

Transforming into a PlantSim

Becoming a PlantSim in The Sims 4 isn’t something that happens randomly. It requires players to engage actively with the gardening aspect of the game. Sims can transform into PlantSims by consuming a Forbidden Fruit or by using specific chemical reactions in the Science career track. The transformation is temporary, lasting for five Sim days, but it can offer a unique gameplay experience during that time.

Uprooting PlantSims: A Step-by-Step Guide

Although being a PlantSim can be fun, some players or their Sims might want to return to normal Sim life. Here’s how you can uproot your PlantSim and turn them back into a regular Sim:

Mechanism 1: Letting Time Pass

The simplest way to revert a PlantSim back to a regular Sim is by allowing the PlantSim state to expire naturally. As mentioned, the transformation lasts for five Sim days, after which the Sim will automatically return to their original form. This method requires no action from the player, except perhaps a bit of patience.

Mechanism 2: Cheat Codes

For players looking for an immediate solution or who enjoy using cheats as part of their gameplay, The Sims 4 offers cheat codes that can instantly revert a PlantSim back to a regular Sim. To do this, first enable cheats by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard, typing in testingcheats true, and pressing Enter. Then, with the PlantSim selected, enter the cheat traits.remove_trait trait_PlantSim and press Enter. The transformation will revert instantly.

Mechanism 3: Using Potions

Another way to return a Sim from PlantSim state back to normal is through the use of a potion. The Potion of Normalcy, which can be purchased through the rewards store for 500 satisfaction points, instantly turns a PlantSim back into a regular Sim. This method requires some gameplay effort to accumulate the necessary satisfaction points.

Living as a PlantSim

While your Sim is a PlantSim, there are several unique gameplay elements and strategies to keep in mind. Ensuring your PlantSim has adequate sunlight and water is crucial, as neglecting these needs can lead to a decrease in their health state. PlantSims can also communicate with plants, giving them a unique edge in gardening activities. Taking advantage of these traits can make the PlantSim period a rewarding experience.

FAQs About PlantSims in The Sims 4

What are the benefits of becoming a PlantSim?

Becoming a PlantSim in The Sims 4 offers several gameplay advantages, including the unique ability to photosynthesize, which significantly slows down the hunger decay. PlantSims also have a faster gardening skill progression and can boost the health and growth of plants by talking to them. This state can be particularly beneficial for players focusing on gardening and those looking for a new supernatural experience within the game.

Can PlantSims have babies?

Yes, PlantSims can have babies, and their offspring will be regular Sims. The PlantSim state is considered a temporary condition and does not genetically pass on to children. However, the process of WooHoo, romance, and family building remains unaffected during a Sim’s time as a PlantSim.

Are there any long-term effects of being a PlantSim?

There are no permanent effects on a Sim after returning from the PlantSim state in The Sims 4. Once the PlantSim condition wears off or is cured, Sims return to their regular needs and behaviors without any lingering effects. It’s purely a temporary change that offers a unique gameplay experience without long-term consequences.

How do I get my Sim to eat the Forbidden Fruit?

To get your Sim to eat the Forbidden Fruit in The Sims 4, you first need to acquire one, which can be done either by grafting plants together in the gardening activity to create one or by succeeding in the Science career. Once you have the Forbidden Fruit, it will be in your Sim’s inventory, and you can click on it and select “Eat” to transform your Sim into a PlantSim. Remember, the effect is temporary, and your Sim will return to normal after five Sim days.

Do PlantSims need to eat?

PlantSims do not need to eat traditional food, as they can photosynthesize to fill their hunger need. This element adds a unique twist to managing your Sim’s needs, as it replaces the hunger bar with a photosynthesis action. PlantSims will need to be outside in the sun to photosynthesize effectively; however, they still require water to fulfill their hydration need. Ensuring your PlantSim is sufficiently exposed to sunlight while also taking care of their water requirement is key to a healthy PlantSim life.

Can PlantSims die?

Yes, PlantSims can die, but only through ways common to all Sims, such as aging or accidents. The PlantSim state does not introduce new ways for a Sim to die. However, failure to meet their unique needs, like proper sunlight and water, will not lead to death but can cause discomfort and mood debuffs. Managing a PlantSim’s exposure to sunlight and water needs is crucial to keeping them healthy and avoiding any negative impacts on their wellbeing.

Is there a permanent PlantSim state?

In The Sims 4, the PlantSim state is designed to be temporary, lasting only five Sim days before the Sim returns to their normal state. There is no official in-game method to make the PlantSim state permanent. Players who wish to have a permanently transformed PlantSim must resort to mods or continuously use the mechanics to transform their Sim back into a PlantSim after the effect wears off.

How does being a PlantSim affect my Sim’s relationships?

Being a PlantSim does not directly impact a Sim’s relationships with other Sims. PlantSims can interact, communicate, and build relationships in the same way as regular Sims. Romantic and friendly interactions remain unchanged, and PlantSims can participate in all social events and activities. The only difference is in the unique interactions related to their PlantSim status, such as “Talk to Plants,” which can enhance their gardening skill but does not affect relationships with other Sims.

In conclusion, navigating the life of a PlantSim in The Sims 4 adds an exciting layer to the game, offering new challenges, skills, and experiences. Whether you choose to embrace the green life for a while or look for ways to revert back to humanity, understanding how to manage the PlantSim state enriches your gameplay and opens up a world of creative possibilities.


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