Recovering Your Instagram Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Recovering Your Instagram Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether due to forgotten login details, hacking, or accidental deletion, losing access to your Instagram account can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, Instagram has several recovery options that can help you regain access. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the various methods of recovering your Instagram account, depending on your specific situation.

Recovery Option 1: Forgot Password

If you’ve simply forgotten your password, recovering your account is straightforward. On the login page, select Forgot password? and enter either your username, email address, or phone number associated with your account. Follow the instructions sent to your email or phone to reset your password. It’s essential to have access to the email or phone number linked to your account, as this is the primary way Instagram verifies your identity.

Recovery Option 2: Account Hacked

Recovering a hacked account can be more challenging, but Instagram offers tools to help. If you suspect unauthorized activity on your account, act quickly. Visit the Instagram Help Center and search for hacked accounts for instructions. You may be asked to provide a government-issued ID to verify your identity. Instagram will then guide you through steps to regain control of your account, such as verifying your email or phone number and changing your password.

Recovery Option 3: Two-Factor Authentication Issues

If you have two-factor authentication enabled and are unable to access your account due to issues with your authentication method (e.g., lost access to your authentication app or mobile number), Instagram provides a way to recover your account. Use one of your backup codes if you have them saved. Alternatively, on the login screen, tap “Need more help” and follow the prompts to restore access to your account.

Recovery Option 4: Account Disabled or Deleted

If your account was disabled by Instagram for violating community guidelines, or if you’ve accidentally deleted your account, recovery may still be possible. For disabled accounts, submit an appeal using the form available in the Instagram Help Center. Be prepared to provide any requested information to verify your identity. If your account was accidentally deleted, recovering it might be more challenging, as Instagram usually permanently removes deleted accounts. However, reaching out to Instagram support through the Help Center is a good first step to explore any potential recovery options.

General Tips for Account Recovery

  • Act Quickly: The sooner you attempt to recover your account, the better. This is especially true for hacked accounts, where delaying could result in further unauthorized actions.
  • Have Your Information Ready: Be prepared with any necessary information to confirm your identity, such as your email address, phone number, and a photo of your government-issued ID if requested.
  • Follow Instructions Carefully: Make sure you carefully follow each step provided by Instagram or in the recovery emails you receive. Missing a step could delay your recovery process.
  • Secure Your Account: Once you regain access, strengthen your account’s security by updating your password and enabling two-factor authentication if you haven’t already.


What should I do if I don’t have access to the email or phone number associated with my Instagram account?

If you’ve lost access to the email or phone number tied to your Instagram account, your recovery options may be limited, but there are still steps you can take. Instagram provides a support flow for this scenario. When prompted for email or phone verification, choose the option indicating you no longer have access to these. You may be asked to provide an alternative email address where Instagram can contact you. The process may also involve answering questions about your account to verify your identity. It’s crucial to provide as much accurate information as possible to regain access to your account.

How long does the account recovery process take?

The duration of the recovery process can vary significantly depending on your specific situation and the recovery option you use. In scenarios where you’ve forgotten your password and have access to your email or phone, recovery can be almost instantaneous. However, for more complicated issues like hacked accounts or when you’ve provided an ID for verification, it may take several days for Instagram to review your request and respond. Patience is key, as these processes involve manual review and can take time.

Can I recover my Instagram account without logging in?

Yes, you can initiate the account recovery process without being logged into Instagram. Most recovery options start from the login page, where you’ll find links or prompts for various issues, such as forgotten passwords or hacked accounts. For more specific issues like appealing a disabled account, you can access the relevant forms directly through the Instagram Help Center without logging into your account.

Is it possible to recover a permanently deleted Instagram account?

Recovering a permanently deleted Instagram account is generally not possible. Instagram explicitly states that deleting your account is a permanent action and the account cannot be recovered. However, if you’ve only deactivated your account temporarily, you can reactivate it by simply logging in. If you believe your account was deleted accidentally or without your authorization, you may attempt to contact Instagram support for assistance, but success is not guaranteed.

What steps should I take to protect my Instagram account from being hacked or lost in the future?

To protect your Instagram account from being hacked or lost in the future, take several preventative measures. First, enable two-factor authentication, which provides an additional layer of security. Use a strong, unique password and update it regularly. Be cautious of phishing attempts and suspicious links. Regularly review your account’s email and phone information to ensure they’re up-to-date and accessible. Additionally, consider using a password manager to securely store your login details and backup codes for two-factor authentication. Taking these steps significantly reduces the risk of account loss and unauthorized access.

Will Instagram customer support call me to help with account recovery?

Instagram customer support does not provide phone-based assistance or call users for account recovery. All legitimate recovery processes are initiated through Instagram’s app or website, mainly via automated processes. Be wary of scams or phishing attempts where someone claims to be from Instagram support and asks for personal information or payment—they do not represent Instagram. For help, always rely on information and links from Instagram’s official website or app.

Can I contact Instagram directly if I’m having trouble with account recovery?

Contacting Instagram directly for account recovery issues is limited to the options provided through their Help Center and the recovery processes mentioned within the app or on the official website. Instagram does not provide direct email or phone support for account recovery. If the automated recovery options do not resolve your issue, look for a Need more help? link or similar prompts during the recovery process for further instructions. Remember, patience is essential, as some steps require time for Instagram to review and respond.

What information will Instagram ask for during the account recovery process?

During the account recovery process, Instagram may ask for various pieces of information to verify your identity and ownership of the account. This can include your username, the email address or phone number associated with the account, a photo of a government-issued ID (for serious cases like hacked accounts), answers to questions about your account, or other information that can help verify your identity. It’s crucial to provide accurate and comprehensive information to facilitate a smooth recovery process.

If my account was hacked and the email and phone number were changed, how can I recover it?

If your account was hacked and the attacker changed the email and phone number, you can still recover it by acting quickly and using the Need more help? link provided on the login screen or by visiting the Instagram Help Center and reporting your account as hacked. Follow the instructions carefully, which may include verifying any old or previously associated information with your account. Instagram might ask for a photo ID or other verification methods to reclaim your account. This process aims to verify your identity and distinguish you from the attacker, so providing precise and truthful information is paramount.

Is there a charge for recovering an Instagram account?

No, there is no charge for recovering an Instagram account. All legitimate account recovery options provided by Instagram are free of charge. Beware of third-party services or individuals claiming they can recover your account for a fee. These are often scams targeting desperate users trying to regain access to their accounts. Always use the official channels provided by Instagram for any recovery process.


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